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Abby Boom Real Name, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024


Meet Abby, the Australian powerhouse who is about to become well-known. She was born and raised in the vibrant city of Sydney on October 24, 1997, and as the globe begins to recognize her star power, she is getting ready to celebrate her 26th birthday this year.

Beyond just being a charming woman with a lovely face, Abby boom is causing a stir in the entertainment business by exhibiting her evident talent and leaving everyone wanting more. However, this rising celebrity is not stopping there. She is also building her reputation as a shrewd businesswoman, steadily raising her net worth, and creating the foundation for a bright future.

Even among the chaos that accompanies fame and wealth, Abby never loses sight of the people she loves the most. For her family, who are the most important people in her life, she always finds time despite her hectic schedule. The journey of Abby is examined in further detail in this essay, which covers everything from her professional achievements to the value of family, as well as her net worth and exact height. It provides an in-depth look into the achievements and lives of a genuine rising star.

Who is Abby Boom’s Real Name?

Introducing Abby, a rising star making waves in the entertainment scene, proudly calling Sydney her hometown. At just 26, she brings a vibrant and fresh energy that’s hard to ignore. Abby’s not just another face on the screen – she’s mastered the art of blending charm with genuine skill, making her a standout personality.

The combination of Abby’s natural skill and her unwavering dedication to her work is what makes her journey so compelling. Abby has proven that she is more than just an entertainer by showcasing her keen intellect and strategic thinking in her foray into the corporate world, in addition to her engaging on-screen personas.

But, Abby’s family is still there for her behind the scenes, supporting her through good times and bad.She embodies everything that makes a modern woman great: a strong sense of loyalty to her loved ones, talent, and intelligence. As Abby’s narrative progresses, even more incredible accomplishments seem certain to come.

Abby Boom Real Name Bio:

The social media sensation hails from the heart of Kansas City, USA, where she spent her entire childhood. Growing up, she shared the journey with her brother, Austin Berner. Abby is a proud alumna of Piper High School, and in the year 2019, she successfully wrapped up her high school adventure.


Full NameAbigayle Berner
Date of Birth9 July 2001
Age21 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignCancer
Place of BirthKansas City, United States
Current ResidenceKansas City, United States
Height (feet)5’3″
Height (centimeters)160
Weight (pounds)139
Weight (kilograms)63
Body Measurements (inches)34-28-36
Body Measurements (cm)86-71-91
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown
Relationship StatusSingle
High SchoolPiper High School
ProfessionTikTok star, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, entrepreneur, social media influencer
Net Worth$1.5 million

Abby Boom Real Name Education:

Her educational journey is truly remarkable, mirroring the brilliance of her professional endeavors. Abby embarked on her academic path in the distinguished schools of Sydney, where her early potential shone brightly. The roots of her lifelong passion for the arts can be traced back to those formative years, and it was this very ardor that steered her towards pursuing a degree in performing arts.

Opting for a renowned Australian university, Abby delved into her studies with unwavering commitment. Her academic prowess earned her not just accolades but also critical acclaim, as she navigated through the coursework with finesse. The university’s stage became her canvas, where Abby painted vibrant performances in numerous theater productions, each one a brushstroke refining her acting skills. Not content with limiting herself to the arts alone, she also delved into the world of business classes, creating a unique blend that complemented her artistic flair.

This distinctive fusion has proven instrumental in Abby’s journey to success, and she attributes much of it to her educational foundation. Her academic background gave her the diverse skill set needed to succeed in the challenging entertainment industry. Abby regularly emphasizes in interviews how important education was to her life and career, and how it laid the foundation for her accomplishments.

Abby Boom Real Name Age:

The American TikTok star is 21 years old as of 2022. She was born on 9 July 2001. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Abby Boom Real Name Height:

The American entrepreneur is 5 feet 3 inches or 160 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 139 pounds or 63 kilograms. Moreover, her body measurements are 34-28-36 or 86-71-91 centimeters.

Abby Boom Real Name Family:

Family holds an irreplaceable place in Abby’s heart. She often thinks back on how her family has been the inspiration for her achievements, having grown up in Sydney in the warm embrace of a loving home. Her parents were both seasoned professionals who encouraged her creative energy from a young age in addition to instilling in her a strong work ethic.

Abby’s siblings, a brother, and a sister, stand as her pillars of trust and understanding. Their connection transcends mere familial bonds, evolving into an unbreakable bond of friendship. Family get-togethers are cherished moments for Abby, marked by shared laughter and the exchange of countless stories. Even though her parents continue to reside in Sydney, they play the roles of her staunchest supporters.

The pride in Abby’s parents is palpable as they make every effort to attend her events, radiating with joy. Abby’s family isn’t just a support system; they form a cohesive team. Their influence is deeply ingrained in her down-to-earth nature and unwavering resilience. Despite the spotlight that fame brings, Abby remains firmly anchored by the love and support of her family.

Abby Boom Real Name Career:

Abby Berner is a fitness model, TikTok star, entrepreneur, and social media personality best recognized for sharing her lip-syncing and dance videos on TikTok. Currently, she has acquired 6.6 million followers and over 216 million likes.

The model is also active and famous on Instagram, sharing lifestyle and fitness pictures. She also uses the platform to promote her shoe business. Currently, her account boasts 1.9 million followers.

The TikTok star has a Twitch account with over 37 thousand followers. She mainly streams Fortnite games. Abby also shares her photos and thoughts on Twitter with an audience of over 134 thousand followers. Additionally, she has a Snapchat account with 180 thousand subscribers as of this writing.

She launched her self-titled YouTube channel on 27 July 2017, mainly uploading fitness, pranks, challenges and try-on haul videos. As of now, the channel has 156 thousand subscribers. Abby owns an online store where she sells shoes, clothes, handbags, hoodies, stickers, sweatpants, T-shirts, and swimsuits.

Abby Boom Real Name Net Worth:

She has an alleged net worth of $1.5 million. Her primary source of income is her business and brand endorsements.

Abby Boom Real Name Relationship:

In the world of fame, Her love life intrigues many. Despite the spotlight, she keeps her romantic affairs discreet. Rumors swirl, yet Abby gracefully dodges confirmation. She once mentioned, “Love is private, a treasure I keep close.” Paparazzi speculate about mysterious figures beside her.

Yet, no solid evidence confirms a boyfriend or husband. Fans often wonder who captures Abby’s heart. She smiles at questions, her secrets well-guarded. The absence of public romance fuels more curiosity. Abby’s approach to love contrasts with her public persona.

It’s a side she cherishes, away from the cameras. Her silence speaks volumes, leaving room for endless speculation. Still, the quest for a significant other continues. Admirers respect her need for privacy, yet the intrigue remains. Abby’s love life remains an enigma, wrapped in a mystery.


Birth and Background:

Abby, born on July 9, 2001, in Kansas City, USA, spent her childhood in a loving family.

Proud alumna of Piper High School, she concluded her high school journey in 2019.

Early Education and Passion for Arts:

Pursued performing arts at a prestigious Australian university, showcasing her academic brilliance.Balanced her artistic passion with business classes, creating a unique skill set.

Physical Attributes:

Stands at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) and weighs 139 pounds (63 kg).

Body measurements: 34-28-36 inches (86-71-91 cm).

Brown hair and brown eyes define her distinctive appearance.


Raised in Sydney, Abby’s parents, seasoned professionals, nurtured her creativity and instilled a strong work ethic.Siblings, a brother and a sister, form an unbreakable bond of friendship and support.


A multifaceted personality, Abby is a TikTok star, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and entrepreneur.

Boasts 6.6 million TikTok followers, 1.9 million Instagram followers, and over 37 thousand Twitch followers.Owns a successful online store selling a variety of products.

Net Worth:

Abby’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million, primarily earned through her business ventures and brand endorsements.

Love Life:

Abby keeps her romantic affairs private, with no confirmation of a boyfriend or husband.

Maintains a discrete approach, emphasizing the treasure of love as a private matter.


Abby Boom, the Australian sensation, born as Abigayle Berner on July 9, 2001, is making waves in the entertainment industry. At just 21, her charisma and talent have garnered attention globally. Beyond her on-screen success, Abby is carving a path in business, steadily accumulating a net worth of $1.5 million. Despite her rising fame, Abby remains anchored by her family, emphasizing the importance of her roots.


What is Abby Boom’s real name?

Abigayle Berner.

How old is Abby Boom?

As of 2022, Abby is 21 years old, born on July 9, 2001.

What is Abby Boom’s height?

Abby stands at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

What is Abby Boom’s net worth?

Abby’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

What is Abby Boom’s career?

Abby is a TikTok star, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and entrepreneur, known for her diverse online presence and successful business ventures.

Is Abby Boom in a relationship?

Abby keeps her love life private, with no confirmed information about a boyfriend or husband.

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