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Exploring the enchanting realm of love is a journey that often leads us to unexpected stories, and the captivating tale of Cleen Rock One and Megan Jean Morris is no exception. In the vibrant world of ink and art, Cleen, a celebrated tattoo artist, found his heart intertwined with the vivacious Megan, a talented tattoo model. Their love story, like a masterpiece unfolding, has resonated deeply with admirers, tracing a path from mere acquaintances to life partners.

Who is Cleen Rock One?

Cleen Rock One, born James Steinke, stands out as a renowned tattoo artist celebrated for his remarkable abilities and imaginative tattoo designs. His rise to fame was paved with tattoo reality shows, where viewers were enthralled by his talent and gregarious demeanor. Because of Cleen’s unshakable dedication to his craft, he has amassed a loyal fan base and received numerous well-earned honors from the tattoo world.

Cleen Rock One Biography:

Cleen Rock One, born James Steinke on August 6, 1977, hails from Illinois, USA. As a proud Leo and an American by nationality, he rose to fame in the online world for his skills as a tattoo artist.

Cleen Rock One Education:

Queen’s childhood was spent entirely in Elgin, Illinois, surrounded by his parents, though he’s been pretty tight-lipped about them to keep their privacy intact. No mention of siblings suggests he might be an only child.

Growing up, Cleen’s life was quite typical until he discovered his love for tattoos around the age of 12. The inked folks he saw on the streets daily piqued his interest, and being already skilled at drawing, he decided to try his hand at tattooing. Convincing his mom to give the green light for his first tattoo at 16, Cleen, despite being satisfied, waited several years before getting his second one.

Rather than heading off to college after high school, Cleen chose a different path. He opted to dive into the world of becoming a tattoo artist, putting his focus on turning his passion into a career.

Cleen Rock One Age:

At the ripe age of 16, he took the plunge and got his inaugural tattoo. Since he required the green light from his parents, he managed to convince his mom to give the nod. Despite being content with the first one, Cleen didn’t venture into getting his second ink until several years later.

Cleen Rock One Personal life:

Despite his reputation for keeping personal matters secret, Cleen’s celebrity has led to some facts about his past relationships coming to light. He hasn’t revealed any information about his previous spouse, although it’s no secret that he was married once. There are rumors circulating that he initially met his ex-wife in 2002.

They were married and had two kids together two years later. The marriage didn’t last, terminating in 2007. However, it’s interesting to note that Cleen still gets along well with his ex-wife and their kids.

On the romantic front, Cleen is currently romantically involved with Megan Jean Morris, who shares his passion for tattoo artistry. Their paths first crossed during their stint on the reality TV show “Ink Master,” and within a month, they found themselves in a romantic entanglement. Despite their solid connection, wedding bells and discussions about expanding the family seem to be on the back burner for this couple. Cleen’s social media and his knack for keeping things under wraps suggest that he’s happily navigating his current relationship with Megan Jean Morris, having been down the marriage road once before and cherishing the bond with his first two children.

Cleen Rock One Family:

Cleen Rock One’s family details are pretty hush-hush in the online world. He grew up as the only kid in a warm and down-to-earth family. His parents were the model of humility and love, providing a loving environment for their family, which was only for him. In terms of specifics, though, it appears that Clean would rather keep that aspect of his life somewhat hidden.

Cleen Rock One Career:

Cleen began his business at the tender age of twenty-one, opening his own tattoo parlor in Illinois. He labored day in and day out, putting in endless hours to hone his trade and gradually acquiring notoriety in his area. His online presence during the fifth season of the reality TV series “Ink Master” quickly attracted the attention of a wider audience.Although he didn’t clinch the top spot, Cleen emerged as the impressive runner-up, narrowly trailing behind Jason Clay Dunn.

Undeterred by the setback, Cleen made a return for the show’s seventh season, though victory eluded him once more. Despite rumors circulating about his supposed triumph in the 2018 “Ink Master” competition, these claims were debunked. While Cleen undeniably excelled as a tattoo artist, he hadn’t secured any championship titles. Fast forward nearly two decades into his career, and Cleen, having gained a wealth of experience, decided to open a new tattoo shop in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Today, his talent is celebrated across the entire United States.

Cleen Rock One Hobbies and likes:

Tattoos are Ellen’s ultimate love, but there’s so much more to this guy than just the ink game. In his downtime, he’s all about spreading the love to his two four-legged buddies, whose names remain a mystery but make regular appearances on his Instagram. Turns out, these furry pals were his rock during a rough patch, holding him down when he was dealing with a tough divorce.

And then there’s his need for speed. Cleen’s not just about the ink needle; he’s got a thing for motorcycle throttles too. Changing bikes like most people change their socks, he’s always on the lookout for that fresh, heart-pounding ride. When the two-wheeled thrill gets a bit too familiar, he’s quick to trade in his current machine for a new, exciting one. It’s all about that rush, you know?

But it’s not just the roar of engines that gets Cleen going. He also attends every automobile and motorbike event in his area because he has a special spot for vintage vehicles. It’s more than just the cars; it’s about the atmosphere and interacting with other enthusiasts.Whether it’s the classics or the bikes, Cleans out there soaking up the love for all things with wheels and an engine.

Cleen Rock One Net Worth:

Cleen, who’s now 42, rocks a stylish look with short brown hair that perfectly complements his piercing blue eyes. As for his height and weight, those details remain a mystery – adding an air of intrigue to his persona.

According to reliable sources in the know, Cleen’s financial status is nothing short of impressive. His net worth, cruising comfortably above the $2 million mark, continues its upward trajectory. All this prosperity comes courtesy of his passion and skill as a tattoo artist, steadily etching his mark in the world of ink.

Cleen Rock One Relationship:

Following their wedding, Cleen Rock One and Megan Jean Morris set out on a thrilling new chapter in life as husband and wife. As time passed, their love and dedication to one another blossomed even more, demonstrating that genuine love transcends any limits or boundaries.

Cleen Rock One Social media presence:

Cleen’s use of major social media sites is really taking off, and this is a huge boost to his tattoo shop business. Since joining Twitter in March 2011, he has posted more than 20,000 times and amassed an amazing 42,000 followers. He has amassed an excellent following of over 260,000 Instagram users and produced over 3,000 amazing photos. In addition, Cleen’s nearly 9,000-follower Facebook page is growing in popularity. Don’t forget about it. He’s clearly making his mark on the social media landscape!


Billy Carson is a multifaceted personality known for his contributions to science, spirituality, and commerce. Born on September 4, 1971, in New York, USA, he has become a prominent figure through his company 4biddenknowledge Inc., where he produces unique content and explores alternative knowledge. Carson is also an author, Gaia TV host, and a speaker at global conferences.

His educational journey began in Miami, facing challenges, but he persevered. Carson, now 52, stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches. He is happily married to Evelyn and resides in Monroeville, Alabama. His family faced financial struggles when he was 12, prompting him to start working as a newspaper boy and eventually launching a successful business in digital car stereos.

Carson’s career includes founding the non-profit, serving as CEO at Fort Terra Nova, and becoming the President of Zenforce Media. He gained popularity through his YouTube channel, “Billy Carson’s 4biddenknowledge,” with over 604,000 subscribers. As the CEO of the First Class Space Agency, he focuses on advancing energy production and transportation using alternative propulsion systems.

As of 2024, Billy Carson’s estimated net worth is around $12 million, thanks to his diverse ventures and ongoing projects.


  • Birth and Education: Born on September 4, 1971, in New York, Carson navigated the challenging streets of Miami during his childhood, attending a local high school.
  • Entrepreneurial Success: Starting as a newspaper boy at 12, Carson’s early business venture in digital car stereos proved successful, providing valuable business experience.
  • Career Highlights: Carson founded, secured funds for an underground city at Fort Terra Nova, served as the President of Zenforce Media, and currently heads the First Class Space Agency.
  • YouTube Channel: “Billy Carson’s 4biddenknowledge” has over 604,000 subscribers, contributing significantly to his financial success.
  • Family: Married to Evelyn, they overcame financial struggles through Carson’s early business success.
  • Net Worth: Estimated at $12 million as of 2024, Carson’s wealth is attributed to his diverse income-generating activities.


What is Billy Carson’s net worth?

As of 2024, Billy Carson’s estimated net worth is $12 million.

What is Billy Carson’s educational background?

Carson attended a local high school in Miami.

What is the focus of Carson’s career?

Carson has been involved in various ventures, including founding, securing funds for an underground city, serving as President of Zenforce Media, and heading the First Class Space Agency.

What is the main contribution of Carson’s YouTube channel?

His YouTube channel, “Billy Carson’s 4biddenknowledge,” with over 604,000 subscribers, contributes significantly to his financial success by sharing insightful documentaries on ancient civilizations and mysteries.

How did Carson overcome financial struggles in his family?

Starting as a newspaper boy at 12 and later venturing into a successful business with digital car stereos helped Carson overcome his family’s financial challenges.

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