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Erika Tureaud, known as the daughter of the esteemed actor Mr. T, who has notably appeared in significant cinematic successes such as the 1982 hit movie “Rocky III,” featuring Sylvester Stallone in a leading role, has ventured into the world of entertainment just like her father. Erika became a stand-up comedian and is known for her honest, fascinating storytelling.

Erika, the daughter of Mr. T, spent almost a decade instructing children with Autism and Down syndrome before becoming a successful stand-up comedian. It’s noteworthy that she shifted from her teaching role to the realm of comedy. This prompts the question: What were the inspirations that prompted her transition from teaching to pursuing a career in comedy?

Early Life

Erika Tureaud came into this world in the year 1979, right in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She’s reached the age of 43 as of 2022. Her parents are Phillys Clark and Laurence Tureaud, also known as Mr. T. Her father, Mr. T, made a name for himself as an actor and was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Speaking of Erika’s mother, Phyllis Clark, she hails from Los Angeles, California, USA, but has chosen to lead a private life, which makes details about her relatively scarce. Erika isn’t the only child in her family. She has two biological siblings: Lesa Tureaud and Laurence Tureaud Jr.

Erika’s sister, Lesa Tureaud, was born in 1971 in Chicago, Illinois, making her 51 years old in 2022. As for Erika’s brother, Laurence Tureaud Jr., he entered the world in 1986 in Chicago, Illinois, and as of 2022, he’s 36 years old.

Interestingly, Erika Tureaud is said to have another brother named Alexander Taylor. He claims to be the unrecognized son of Erika’s father, Mr. T. This led to Alexander filing a lawsuit against Mr. T, demanding $5.4 million. Alexander pointed fingers at Mr. T, accusing him of abandonment and causing emotional distress.

However, it’s worth noting that Mr. T hasn’t publicly addressed the matter concerning his alleged illegitimate son, Alexander Taylor.

Erika Tureaud’s Parents

Erika Tureaud’s mother goes by the name Phillys Clark, while her father is known as Mr. T. However, they are no longer together as a couple. The journey of Mr. T and his now ex-wife Phillys Clark started with a marriage in the year 1971, a union that came after a period of getting to know each other.

Their relationship was largely kept away from the public eye, leaving us with a veil of mystery over the details of how they crossed paths or the exact circumstances of their initial meeting. Even the location where their paths first intertwined remains undisclosed. The passage of time has led to a separation between Mr. T and Phillys Clark, although specific insights into the details of their divorce remain unknown.

Erika Tureaud’s Career

Erika Tureaud, as reports suggest, once held the role of a teacher, focusing on children with Down syndrome and Autism until the year 2013. Her path changed when she decided to pursue stand-up comedy. Interestingly, her father, Mr. T, didn’t approve.

Erika’s father, Mr. T, is diverse in entertainment. His credits include actor, bouncer, bodyguard, wrestler, and TV personality. He was released from the US Army’s Military Police Corps in 1975, changing his life. Mr. T tried out for the Green Bay Packers, but a knee injury prevented him from joining.

Mr. T initially started as a bouncer at the Dingbats Discotheque on Rush Street, a role that eventually paved the way for a nearly decade-long career as a bodyguard. His services extended to safeguarding a diverse array of individuals, from clothing designers and models to judges, politicians, athletes, and millionaires.

Among his clientele were notable figures like Steve McQueen, Michael Jackson, LeVar Burton, Diana Ross, and esteemed boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and Leon Spinks. Mr. T’s presence also graced the screens in various commercials for brands like Snickers, World of Warcraft, MCI, Comcast, and RadioShack.

His involvement in the film industry has left its mark through appearances in movies like “Penitentiary II,” “Rocky III,” “D.C. Cab,” “Be Somebody… or Be Somebody’s Fool!,” “Spy Hard,” “Not Another Teen Movie,” and “Judgment.” In 1985, Mr. T entered professional wrestling, teaming with Hulk Hogan to win WWF WrestleMania I. He seconded Kerry Von Erich in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) on July 21, 1989, a historic match.

She Grew Up With Her Two Siblings 

Erika finds herself among a trio of siblings in her family. Alongside her are an elder sister named Lesa Tureaud and a younger brother named Laurence Tureaud Jr. Lesa, her older sister, who has taken on the role of a therapist, contributing her expertise to help others.

In addition to her immediate siblings, Erika’s family includes a half-brother by the name of Alexander Taylor. His name gained prominence when he made waves in 2013 by bringing forth a lawsuit against their shared father, Mr. T. Alexander’s legal action was nothing short of significant, as he sought millions in compensation. His claims centered around the assertion that Mr. T had been an absent and harmful figure in his life, departing when he was still quite young. The lawsuit opened up a window into their complex family dynamics and the challenges they had encountered.

Lesa Tureaud & Erika Tureaud Net Worth- About Their Profession

Lesa Tureaud and Erika Tureaud, both the daughters of Mr. T, could potentially share a collective net worth of approximately $5 million.

Yet, the specifics about their individual earnings within their respective professions haven’t been widely publicized by the media. As per insights from Salary Expert, an average American stand-up comedian tends to bring in around $59,112 (USD) on an annual basis. This figure translates to an hourly rate of about $28.42 (USD). Additionally, comedians typically receive an average bonus of approximately $1,637 (USD) each year.

Notably, Lesa has made appearances in various live events, which may have contributed to her financial endeavors.

Erika Tureaud Is A Budding Stand-Up Comedian 

Growing up in Lake Forest, Erika Tureaud’s interest in the world of show business ignited from her earliest days. She took her first steps into comedy at Improv Olympic, a renowned Chicago comedy club. Gradually, her comedic journey evolved, leading her to embrace the realm of stand-up performance.

Her comedy routines are often woven with anecdotes from her distinctive upbringing and her experiences in her everyday job. As a stand-up comedian, Erika’s talents have taken her on tours alongside notable names like Deon Cole and Hannibal Buress. This journey has seen her traverse through college campuses and local clubs across the nation.

Erika, being the daughter of Mr. T, has also found herself gracing the stage of prominent comedy shows alongside some well-known figures in the industry. Notably, she was handpicked by Kevin Hart to feature in his Comedy Central series, “Hart of the City,” a significant recognition of her comedic prowess.

In a further step towards the limelight, Erika secured a stand-up gig on Comedy Central Stand-Up in August 2020. In this performance, she humorously delved into the experience of having a famous father. The video has garnered an impressive 750k views and counting, showcasing her ability to connect with audiences through her distinctive comedic style.

Additional Information About Her Comedic Achievements

Erika has previously done comedy tours across the US, making her a stand-up comedian. Her humorous path has taken her to some of the biggest comedy programs. A notable part of her comedy journey takes place within Chicago’s vibrant and competitive stand-up comedy scene.

In addition to her stand-up accomplishments, Tureaud achieved a distinct honor by becoming one of the ten writers to triumph in the annual Moth GrandSLAM competition organized by The Moth. This organization, initiated by writer George Dawes Green in 1997, is devoted to the art of storytelling and carries a charitable mission.

In an interesting twist, Erika also takes on the role of a radio show host in Chicago, adding another dimension to her multifaceted career.

She is a Teacher Before the Comedy 

Erika, the daughter of Mr. T, sought a career as a teacher before entering the world of comedy, as was previously indicated. She concentrated on educating kids who had Down syndrome and autism diagnoses. Erika, however, made the brave decision to leave her teaching position in 2014 and explore the exciting world of the entertainment industry.

Is Erika Tureaud Married?

Erika is unmarried. Her stand-up comedy skills have brought her fame, and she’s been open about her career on social media.

In her personal life, Erika keeps her heart secret. She’s never revealed her sexual relationships, so we don’t know if she’s married or single. Erika currently lives in Chicago.

Tureaud Is On Social Media

Twitter and Instagram are where Erika is active. She posts about her family and personal life on her 14,000-follower Instagram account.

Erika also updates her over 2,000 Twitter followers on her ideas and experiences.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Erika Tureaud?
Erika Tureaud is the daughter of the well-known actor Mr. T. She ventured into the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian, known for her honest and captivating storytelling.

What prompted Erika’s transition from teaching to comedy?
Erika Tureaud spent almost a decade teaching children with Autism and Down syndrome before pursuing a career in comedy. The inspiration behind her shift from teaching to comedy remains unspecified.

How old is Erika Tureaud?
Erika Tureaud was born in 1979, making her 43 years old as of 2022.

Who are Erika Tureaud’s parents?
Erika’s parents are Phillys Clark and Laurence Tureaud, famously known as Mr. T.

What is Erika Tureaud’s career background?
Before becoming a stand-up comedian, Erika Tureaud worked as a teacher, focusing on children with Autism and Down syndrome. She transitioned to comedy in 2013.

What are Erika Tureaud’s comedic achievements?
Erika Tureaud’s comedic journey includes performing at various comedy clubs and touring with well-known comedians. She was also featured on Kevin Hart’s Comedy Central series “Hart of the City” and appeared on Comedy Central Stand-Up.

Has Erika Tureaud been married?
As of now, Erika Tureaud’s marital status remains private, and she has not disclosed information about her relationships or marriage.

How can I follow Erika Tureaud on social media?
Erika Tureaud is active on Instagram and Twitter, where she shares insights into her life, thoughts, and experiences.

Final Words

Erika Tureaud, the daughter of the esteemed actor Mr. T, has embarked on a unique journey that bridges her roles as a dedicated teacher and a talented stand-up comedian. From her early days as an educator specializing in children with Autism and Down syndrome to her current success as a comedian, Erika’s path has been marked by her ability to connect with audiences through her genuine and captivating storytelling.

Her transition from the world of teaching to comedy, while not fully explained, showcases her courage to explore new horizons and follow her passion. Erika’s experiences growing up in a notable family have undoubtedly influenced her comedic style, allowing her to offer audiences a glimpse into her distinctive upbringing and perspectives.

As she continues to shine on stages across the nation, Erika’s achievements in the comedy scene, including her appearances on renowned shows and her victory in The Moth GrandSLAM competition, highlight her talent and dedication. Her presence on social media provides fans with a closer look at her life and thoughts, further connecting her with those who appreciate her work.

Erika Tureaud’s story reminds us that the journey to success is often marked by unexpected turns and the pursuit of one’s passions, no matter the challenges. With her unique blend of humor and storytelling, Erika continues to carve her own path in the world of entertainment, leaving her mark as a talented comedian with a captivating narrative to share.

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