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Latto is an artist hailing from the United States, known for her skills in rapping and songwriting that truly stand out. She’s recognized for her distinctive musical approach and impactful words in her songs. The 2016 reality show “The Rap Game” launched her career. She’s since released several mixtapes and singles that have connected with her audience.

Latto signed with RCA Records in 2020, a huge career move. This partnership led to the release of her very first extended play (EP) titled “Hit The Latto”. One of the remarkable aspects of Latto’s music is the way she exudes confidence and delivers her verses with a strong sense of self-assuredness. Her music also delves into important and sensitive subjects, showing her capability to address these matters through her art.

Latto Height, Weight

Latto Height of around 5 feet 6 inches and carries a weight of approximately 65 kilograms. Her body measurements come in at roughly 34-25-36 inches. What’s striking about her appearance is her long, captivating black hair, paired with mesmerizing hazel eyes that leave quite an impression.

Describing her further, Latto embodies a charming and youthful aura. Her attitude is wonderful, and her smile is as sweet as can be. Her physical attributes include a beautiful physique with well-proportioned measurements, all adding up to a gracefully slender and shapely form.

Latto Height vs. Other Celebrities

Megan Thee Stallion5′ 10″
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Rihanna5′ 8″
Beyoncé5′ 7″
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Billie Eilish5′ 4″
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Ariana Grande5′ 0″

Early life

Alyssa Michelle Stephens came into the world in Columbus, Ohio, on December 22, 1998, born to Misti Pitts and Shayne Stephens. She went to Lovejoy High School located in Clayton County, Georgia. She often mentions how Clayton County played a significant role in shaping her street credibility. It’s worth noting that her background encompasses her mother being white and her biological father being African American.

Alyssa faced bullying during her school days due to being “light-skinned,” an experience that left a mark on her. This experience eventually influenced her choice of the stage name Miss Mulatto when she embarked on her journey in the world of rap. The phrase comes from “mulatto,” a mixed-race term.

When she was 10, Alyssa decided to rap. This started her rap lyrics. Before her foray into music, she was even involved in drag racing, showcasing her diverse interests.

Latto’s Educational Background

Latto attended Lovejoy High School in Georgia, but her time there wasn’t without its challenges. She faced unjust treatment due to her skin tone, which revealed her diverse heritage.

Interestingly, the difficulties she encountered during her school years seemed to ignite Latto’s creative side. At 10, she decided to become a rapper. This began her songwriting journey. She persisted in honing her skills until the moment when her first big opportunity finally knocked on her door.


At 10, Latto began writing music and lyrics. Early on, she performed at local events and opened for famous performers. She participated in drag racing and a children’s book and CD called “Ooops…I danced my diaper off!” before entering music.

In October 2008, Latto launched her YouTube channel “PITTSTOPENT1”. This channel has over 275,000 subscribers and 34 million video views. She posts music videos, vlogs, and live performances on this site. Over 1.5 million people follow her on Instagram. She also interacts with admirers on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Latto’s 2016 appearance on Lifetime’s “The Rap Game” changed her career. It was produced by Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah and featured wannabe rappers competing in a boot camp. Latto won the inaugural season and signed with Dupri’s So So Def Records. February 2016 brought “No More Talking”, her winning single. She won the 2016 Georgia Music Awards’ ‘Youth Hip Hop / R&B’ Award after collaborating with Lil Niqo on “Tough on the Internet”.

In April 2017, Latto released her mixtape “Latto Let ‘Em Know” as she improved. The mixtape included Molly Brazy, Lil Key, 2-Crucial, and Silento on “Real Princess”, “Feelings”, and “Hate You”. She sang “Maybe” on Bandit Gang Marco’s EP, “Bars & Notes” (2017), and Mani’s “You Thought”.

She released her 6-song EP “Time and Pressure” in 2017. The project included “WWYD”, “Safe” with C. White, and “Hurt” with Bandit Gang Marco. Diesel Filmz directed the 2018 “Hurt” music video. Latto released “Infidelity” with Coca Vango in May of the same year.

However, her debut studio album “Queen of Da Souf” was her most notable release in August 2020. Streamcut and RCA Records presented the album, which included Gucci Mane’s “Muwop” remix and “B! tch from da Souf” remix. This album peaked at #44 on the Billboard 200. It also collaborated with City Girls, 21 Savage, and 42 Dugg.

Latto’s Adorable Family

Latto’s family background is quite diverse: her father, Shayne Stephens, is African-American, while her mother, Misti Pitts, is white. This mix of ethnicities makes Latto multi-racial, embodying a rich blend of cultural heritage. It’s heartening to note that her father has always been her biggest supporter, standing by her side and encouraging her dreams every step of the way.

In addition to her parents, Latto is blessed with two wonderful sisters named Brooklyn and Kay. Among them, Brooklyn shines as a fashion model, often making appearances in Latto’s YouTube videos. Their bond is strong, and Latto doesn’t hesitate to show her affection by showering them with thoughtful and lavish gifts, showcasing her appreciation for their presence in her life.

What Latto is Most Known For

Latto’s recognition largely stems from her notable participation in the reality show “The Rap Game” back in 2016. This was the start of her success. Her breakout single “Muwop” cemented her music career. Following these achievements, she’s gone on to unveil a string of mixtapes and singles that have resonated strongly with audiences. Noteworthy tracks like “Bitch From Da Souf” and “Big Energy” have contributed to her success.

What sets Latto apart is her distinct style of confidently delivering her verses, exuding a strong and self-assured aura. This confidence becomes even more impactful as she fearlessly addresses sensitive and important subjects through her music, showcasing her ability to use her art to spark conversations and make a difference.

Latto’s Body Measurement and Physical Features

Latto’s striking figure has garnered much admiration, thanks to her appealing and voluptuous form. Her potential body measurements are estimated to be around 36-27-36 inches or 92-69-92 cm. It seems she comfortably fits into a 36D bra size, boasting a cup size of D.

Latto’s beauty is genuinely captivating, stirring emotions within those who appreciate her. Her brown eyes, shining with a certain sparkle, add a special touch to her already adored appearance. Her penchant for experimenting with her dark brown locks brings out the best in her heart-shaped face and charismatic personality.

What truly stands out is Latto’s remarkable confidence in carrying herself, embracing her body unapologetically. This self-assuredness is truly inspiring, serving as a wonderful example for all young women.

Latto’s Current Net Worth

Latto’s financial success is evident from her packed tours and the millions of views she accumulates on her YouTube channel. Undoubtedly, she stands tall as one of the major players in the American rap scene today.

When you tally up all her accomplishments, her estimated net worth reaches an impressive $3 million, as of 2022. On top of this, her endorsement deals with esteemed luxury brands like Gucci, Versace, Balenciaga, and Chanel contribute substantially to her overall wealth.

Latto’s Boyfriend

Regarding Latto’s private life, it’s important to note that she isn’t currently married and is unmarried. She once had a romantic relationship with Bandit Gang Marco, another rap musician, back in 2015. Sadly, a divorce in 2017 put an end to their adventure as a couple. There aren’t any other ways that Latto can become a mother. There haven’t been any other known relationships in her life than this one.

It’s vital to note that she is open about her gender preferences even if she has been upfront about her preferences. She hasn’t had many important controversial incidents in her life up until this point, so far as controversies go.

Latto Awards

Shifting the focus to Latto’s personal life, it’s worth noting that she isn’t married at the moment and is currently single. In the past, back in 2015, she was involved in a relationship with another rap artist named Bandit Gang Marco. Unfortunately, their journey together came to an end in 2017 with a divorce. Latto hasn’t become a mother through any other avenues. Apart from this, there haven’t been any other known relationships in her life.

Latto’s Social Media Following

Latto’s social media presence isn’t solely driven by her captivating appearance and unique fashion sense. It’s the genuine self-love she exudes, along with her positive outlook on the world, that resonates deeply with people and draws them to her virtual platforms. Her authenticity and positivity create a magnetic pull, resulting in a massive and devoted following that wants to bask in her uplifting energy.

  • Instagram: 9.8 million followers
  • Twitter: 2.6 million followers
  • YouTube: 1.55 million followers

Fun Facts About Lotto’s Life

It’s interesting that Latto loved drag racing before becoming a rapper and singer. An unexpected twist, huh? There’s a rather unfortunate incident that shaped part of her journey too. Latto found herself wrongly arrested for a theft she didn’t commit, all because the police mistakenly identified her as someone else. This infuriating experience inspired her to channel her emotions into a song called ‘F*ck Rice Street’, a platform to express her frustration.

Her talents and hard work were recognized in 2021 when she was named the MTV Global Push Artist of the Month, a testament to her growing influence in the music industry.

It’s also intriguing to learn that Latto had a pivotal moment when she declined a recording deal from Dupri. She chose to tread her own path as an independent artist, prioritizing her creative journey over a deal that didn’t align with her vision. A decision that speaks volumes about her commitment to her artistry.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: What is Latto height?
A1: Latto height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches.

Q2: How tall is Latto compared to other celebrities?
A2: Latto’s height of 5 feet 6 inches places her among celebrities like Cardi B and Ariana Grande, who also share the same height.

Q3: How does Latto height contribute to her appearance?
A3: Latto height of 5 feet 6 inches gives her a graceful and well-proportioned physique, which adds to her overall captivating presence.

Q4: Is Latto’s height considered average or above average?
A4: Latto is 5 feet 6 inches tall, slightly taller than the average American woman, who is 5 feet 4 inches.

Q5: How does Latto’s height compare to other female rappers?
A5: Latto height is similar to that of other female rappers like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, who are also around 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Q6: Does Latto’s height play a role in her stage presence?
A6: Latto’s height contributes to her commanding stage presence, enhancing her confidence and the impact of her performances.

Q7: How does Latto’s height relate to her diverse background?
A7: Latto height is just one aspect of her diverse background, which includes her mixed-race heritage and experiences growing up in different environments.

Q8: Has Latto’s height been a topic of discussion in her music or public appearances?
A8: While Latto height might not have been a central topic of discussion, her confidence, and self-assuredness are evident in how she carries herself, regardless of her height.

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